Cooking Together…Restaurant Style Meaty Marinara Sauce

This week’s recipe comes from Healthy and Easy Recipes, which is where I get a TON of my favorite recipes.

Here are my thoughts on the recipe:

Ease of preparation:
This one was easy to put together, but it took some time to let it cook. Next time I think I might try the crock pot version.

Overall opinion:
I liked this marinara sauce, and it was definitely meaty. For some reason I decided to half the recipe, because I thought 2 pounds of beef would make a lot…and didn’t think about how that would actually be nice because I could freeze half and have a meal ready to go sometime in the future. Anyway, since I halved the recipe I only used a small can of diced tomatoes, but ended up adding in another can because I wanted it a little more saucy…but even with that extra can it was still really meaty. So…all that to say, if you like your sauce meaty, this is the sauce for you, and if not…just add in extra diced tomatoes.

The sauce simmering on the stove...smelled so good!

Husband’s thoughts:
He liked it and was glad to have some beef since I rarely cook with beef.

Would you have it again?
Yes, I want to try it in the crock pot next time.

Did you omit or add anything?

How did you serve it?
Over whole wheat spaghetti, with some garlic bread on the side. Yum!

Would you change anything next time?
I would make the whole recipe and not half it so that I could freeze some for a meal later in the month.

Next Week’s Recipe:

This week I’m going to try these One-Bowl Oatmeal Muffins from Simple Bites as a special Valentine’s breakfast treat for the family. I like that this is a basic muffin recipe and then she gives a whole bunch of different flavor combinations for the add-ins. I think I’m going to do raspberry and coconut since I’m making them for Valentine’s Day. Check out the post because there are tips on how to make the best muffins ever, along with the list of ideas for flavors to try. Which flavor sounds best to you?

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  1. Your sauce sounds great- I might have to make this as a Valentine's treat since my hubby loves meat I don't cook it often either.

    As far as the muffins go, oh snap, they really are the best. I don't really use any recipe anymore. I've made several combinations, probably my faves have been raspberry + semi-sweet choc and blueberries + white chocolate (we like our muffins chocolatey, what can I say.) :)


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I'm glad you did, I found your great blog. This recipe looks wonderful. Pasta and sauce is a favorite around here!

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for the post of the spaghetti and for the review…. and for the other recipes! I always like to see what you have going on- how do you do it all?? Do you do "school time" with your kids every day??? Give me the break down and how do you prepare? When do you find time to do all your research?? Give me some pointers! And I can't wait to try those raspberry coconut muffins… I think they are calling my name!

  4. We had the sauce last night and it was delicious! I made the full recipe and it fed 6 adults and 3 kids, plus had a full jar leftover that I'm going to freeze. Yum!

  5. this looks delicious!


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