Q is for Queen

In keeping with the royalty theme that’s been going on around here, we did Q is for Queen this week…here’s our learning board for the week:

We also made this Q Queen from No Time for Flash Cards. Except I didn’t have any fun little jewels to glue on there…maybe next time!

We’ve been using these writing pages from Crayola for Charlotte to practice her letters, and she also loves the open space where she can draw something starting with that letter.

Books about Queens:

Queen Esther The Morning Star by Mordicai Gerstein. This was the story of Queen Esther, one of our favorite Bible stories. This particular version shared some of the Jewish traditions related to the story as well.


The Queen’s Progress by Celeste Davidson Mannis is an alphabet book based around Queen Elizabeth I and her annual summer progress through England. This book had lots of historical information about Queen Elizabeth as well.


Pizza For The Queen by Nancy Castaldo was Charlotte’s most requested book this week. This is the story of Raffaele, who is asked to make a pizza for the queen. He sets out to make the perfect pizza and comes up with Pizza Margherita, after being inspired by the colors of the Italian flag. This book also includes the recipe, and so Rick made the pizza with Charlotte for dinner too!

Tea for Ruby (Paula Wiseman Books) by Sarah The Duchess of York Ferguson. This is one we own, and a favorite around here, so I thought I’d include it. Ruby is invited to have tea with the Queen (her grandmother), and spends the week preparing and working on her manners.


VeggieTales – Esther, The Girl Who Became Queen. Of course, we also watched Veggie Tales-Esther, The Girl Who Became Queen. This is one of my favorites.



Verse: “I am quick to obey your commands…” Psalm 119:32

We’re still working on the whole “quick” to obey thing…On her verse this week, I had Charlotte put little macaroni pasta in a Q shape as one of the decorations on her verse poster. I picked this up from her preschool class, and I think it’s a fun and great way to work on small motor skills. It’s a little hard to see, but that’s what she’s doing in the picture below.

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  1. i love the q queen! also the pasta letters are such a great idea. mace is starting to love letters and i think that would be really fun for her! thanks for sharing. :)

  2. OK, can I ask for some help, I have lots of questions!… these are kinda practical things, but I would like to start implementing these ideas in my house but I need to know first: 1. when do you plan this?? 2. when/what time of day do you do it and do you do this "school time"every day?? 3. Does Charlotte go to Preschool or is this considered your home-schooled version of preschool, because it's pretty bomb.com :) and probably way better than any preschool! 4. How long do you do a lesson for?? 5. Do you check out all these books at the library? are they yours? 6. When do you do your research??? ok, I told you I had a lot of questions! Answer when you can… an maybe you could do a post on how to get started… maybe you did and I missed that??? loves friend, I admire you BIG time!!!

  3. Annie-The planning is what takes the most time…but that's part of the reason I'm putting everything on here…to hopefully save some time for others! Yes, I get most of the books at the library. Biggest time saving tip is to go online to your library and put books on hold. My library pulls the books for me and has them waiting for me up front, so I just have to walk in and grab them. I'm not sure if all libraries do this, but definitely check, because it's awesome! Charlotte does go to preschool two mornings a week, and they do a letter of the week, so this is my supplemental at home stuff. There's no set time we do it…I just print out a bunch of coloring pages, etc. at the beginning of the week and have them for her whenever she wants to do some coloring time. Then we read books every night before bed. If I have time for a "craft" I usually end up doing that on the weekend…we probably only spend about 15 minutes on them…they really aren't that complicated or involved. So all in all, we don't spend a ton of time on all this. I guess the main thing is the planning, but that doesn't take a ton of time, and I usually try to do two weeks at once. Oh, and if I wasn't trying to keep up with her preschool, I would stretch each letter out over two weeks and that would give you plenty of time to do lots of fun stuff! Hope that helps some…maybe I will write a post about it sometime. Thanks for the idea! :)

  4. You are so awesome! I seriously have spent a few hours over the past few days on your blog getting organized, I decided to jump in and get some things lined up… so I went over to the Flashcard website that you link all the time and made all 26 letters for the year— yikes!! Jed was taking a good nap and Emery was out with Bubba, it took me about an hour! Then I wrote your verses down and your themes, I am going to do it! I got all jazzed and told my sister and sent her your link and she was so excited too! Thanks for the tip about the library I am going to look into that, it would be awesome!

    Ok, so I couldn't find letter I and K… am I looking in the wrong place or did you just take a break… or do they not exist in the Jeldy alphabet! 😉

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing all this good stuff, it's awesome, YOU ARE awesome… so organized too! And PS… where do you put your learning board?? hallway? her room? just curious!

    And one more thing, I think I am going to make some alphabet books of her coloring pages and letter projects, my students use to always love looking at their work in books… it was always a treat so I am going to try it at home!

    Thanks again,


  5. You're amazing Annie…I can't believe you got all those letters done…that will definitely help! See…it just takes a little planning and time and then you're off and running! I can't wait to hear how things go for you. Ummm…yeah, we skipped I and K. We moved at the end of Dec. and I got a little off track for awhile…like I said, I've been trying to keep up with the letter she's doing at preschool each week, so that's why I skipped those…had to keep up. But I thought Kangaroos or Kites would be so cute for K. Her learning board is in her room…I used to have a playroom/office at our old house, and I had it in there, but now it's in her room. I just bought those 12×12 cork board tiles and made a square, hit up the teacher supply store and bought some paper and a border. I used to have a calendar up on the wall at the old house, but that hasn't made it back up after the move. You'll have to tell me more about the alphabet book. I keep some of Charlotte's things from each letter in page protectors in a binder…is that what an alphabet book is? Anyway, I think you and Emory will have so much fun with this…especially since she has you leading the way with your teaching expertise! Let me know how it goes…and definitely try putting books on hold at the library…saves a ton of time!

  6. And I just came across these, which I think look awesome too: http://1plus1plus1equals1.blogspot.com/2011/03/to


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