Q is for Queen

In keeping with the royalty theme that’s been going on around here, we did Q is for Queen this week…here’s our learning board for the week:

We also made this Q Queen from No Time for Flash Cards. Except I didn’t have any fun little jewels to glue on there…maybe next time!

We’ve been using these writing pages from Crayola for Charlotte to practice her letters, and she also loves the open space where she can draw something starting with that letter.

Books about Queens:

Queen Esther The Morning Star by Mordicai Gerstein. This was the story of Queen Esther, one of our favorite Bible stories. This particular version shared some of the Jewish traditions related to the story as well.


The Queen’s Progress by Celeste Davidson Mannis is an alphabet book based around Queen Elizabeth I and her annual summer progress through England. This book had lots of historical information about Queen Elizabeth as well.


Pizza For The Queen by Nancy Castaldo was Charlotte’s most requested book this week. This is the story of Raffaele, who is asked to make a pizza for the queen. He sets out to make the perfect pizza and comes up with Pizza Margherita, after being inspired by the colors of the Italian flag. This book also includes the recipe, and so Rick made the pizza with Charlotte for dinner too!

Tea for Ruby (Paula Wiseman Books) by Sarah The Duchess of York Ferguson. This is one we own, and a favorite around here, so I thought I’d include it. Ruby is invited to have tea with the Queen (her grandmother), and spends the week preparing and working on her manners.


VeggieTales – Esther, The Girl Who Became Queen. Of course, we also watched Veggie Tales-Esther, The Girl Who Became Queen. This is one of my favorites.



Verse: “I am quick to obey your commands…” Psalm 119:32

We’re still working on the whole “quick” to obey thing…On her verse this week, I had Charlotte put little macaroni pasta in a Q shape as one of the decorations on her verse poster. I picked this up from her preschool class, and I think it’s a fun and great way to work on small motor skills. It’s a little hard to see, but that’s what she’s doing in the picture below.

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