CookingTogether…Pesto Chicken, Sundried Tomatoes and Artichoke Heart Pasta

This week I made another recipe from Healthy and Easy RecipesPesto Chicken, Sundried Tomatoes and Artichoke Heart Pasta…if you’re a pesto lover, this is definitely one you should try!

You can buy your own pesto sauce at the store, but here is a recipe from Healthy and Easy Recipes for pesto sauce if you want to make your own…it is worth it!

Thoughts on This Week’s Recipe:

Ease of preparation: This recipe couldn’t be easier! The only thing that might take a little time is if you make your own pesto, but that is really quick and easy too. You’re basically just cooking some chicken, boiling some pasta and throwing a bunch of ingredients together…easy!

Overall opinion:
Okay, so I didn’t exactly follow directions on this one, and I decided I would cook my chicken in the crockpot…which turned out not to be such a great idea for this dish…or perhaps I had it in there too long, but my chicken was overcooked and dry and that made it hard for me to love this dish. I did love all the other flavors though, and I think if I did the chicken better next time, I would love this! I did like that this recipe made a ton…I love leftovers! I also made the mistake of making my pesto sauce the day before…and then using it on pesto, mozzarella and tomato paninis…leaving me not enough for this dish the next day…so I used part of my homemade sauce, and also some from a jar. So…better luck next time!

Husband’s thoughts:
He really enjoyed this dish, and to be honest…I was surprised. He’s big on not having dry chicken, but he didn’t seem to mind so much this time…I guess all the other tasty ingredients made up for it.

Would you make it again?
Yes, definitely. Rick really enjoyed this dish and I think if I prepare it better next time it will be fabulous!

Did you omit or add anything? Nope. I guess I just omitted following the directions! :)

Would you change anything next time?
I would definitely prepare the chicken differently…for this dish, the crockpot just made the chicken too dry for me. If you’re going to make this, I would bake the chicken as the recipe suggests, or…I might try grilling it next time. In fact…I came across this recipe for Grilled Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper Panini and I thought I would use the grilled chicken part of it to marinade the chicken and grill it for this dish…what do you think?

This Week’s Recipe:

This week’s recipe for Mexican Black Bean Burgers is from The Everything Beans e-book, but I found the recipe on Simple Bites. Here it is if you want to print it:


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  1. Debby Morey says:

    These all sound really good , I keep copying them and can't wait to try them hopefully soon. Love you.

  2. ok, im making this soon!

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