Finding Your Purpose as a Mom by Donna Otto

This month I read Finding Your Purpose as a Mom: How to Build Your Home on Holy Ground by Donna Otto. It was 24 chapters so I tried to read a chapter each night, and it worked out well. Most of the chapters were fairly short and easy to read.

This book was filled with practical tips and application points for making a nurturing, peaceful, Godly home. At the end of each chapter there were a couple of reflection questions to think through. I thought this book was a great mix of practical, organizational strategies as well as relational aspects for finding our purpose as moms.

For me, one of the chapters I enjoyed most was Chapter 16, What are you Planning to Grow? In this chapter Donna Otto talked about the importance of thinking about our children’s futures and what our vision for them is.

“In the garden of your home, especially if you are raising children, your vision of the finished project makes all the difference–and finding such a vision really is the heart of finding your purpose as a mom. Daily decisions become easier if you keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish, what kind of human being you hope your home will produce.” (p. 158)

She shares 10 specific objectives she had for her daughter as she raised her and practical tips for implementing those objectives. I used many of Donna’s objectives and added some of my own and made my own list of qualities, skills, and character traits that I want my children to have. It was such a helpful exercise and helped me to have a specific vision for my children, which in turn will help me in finding my purpose as a mom.

I’m having fun Booking It this year over at Life as Mom. (Read Life as Mom’s review here.) Next up…Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul by John and Stasi Eldredge.

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