“Y” is for Yellow

We’re definitely losing steam as we approach the end of the alphabet…here’s our learning board for the week (you can see we didn’t quite fill it up):

We made a Yellow Y from No Time for Flashcards, although we didn’t have a ton of fun yellow items to use. Feathers would have been great. We used paint, markers, and yellow jellybeans.

Yellow books:

Amarillo / Yellow: Mira el amarillo que te rodea/Seeing Yellow All Around Us (Colores/Colors) by Sarah L. Schuette. This book is written in both Spanish and English and is filled with descriptions of yellow things all around us. It’s a simple, fun book and great for learning all about the color yellow!


Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni. Little Blue and Little Yellow are best friends and have all kinds of fun together. One day when they hug each other they turn into green! This is a good book to teach about mixing colors.


The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger. I really enjoyed this story of the little yellow leaf who just wasn’t ready to let go yet, despite the fact that all the other leaves had fallen from the tree. When the little yellow leaf realizes there’s one other leaf that hasn’t yet made the leap yet, they decide to do it together. A sweet story. This book would also be great for learning about Fall.

Verse: “You are the light of the World.” Matthew 5:14.
I drew a light bulb next to the word light and the Earth around the word world, which really seemed to help her remember the verse this week.

And that’s all for this week! Next week we finish up the alphabet with Z is for Zebra (and we may go back and make up some of the letters we skipped.) Also, look for an informational post on how I planned my A-Z unit with tips and links to lots of great resources.

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