Cooking Together…Gnocchi and Sausage

This week I made a recipe that I got from my best friend, Anjuli and it was a hit! And it was so, so easy too! So, a double win in my book!

Thoughts on This Week’s Recipe:

Ease of preparation:
This was a quick and easy dish to prepare. You can get the sausage cooking while you wait for the water to boil, throw in the gnocchi and you’re done! 15 minutes tops.

Overall opinion:
This was really good and Rick loved it!

Would you make it again?
Yes, this is definitely one I’ll make again and I think the kid’s would like it too if I made a less spicy version (use a different type of marinara sauce…the Arrabiata is pretty spicy.)

Did you omit or add anything?
I used whole wheat gnocchi and chicken sausage and we loved it, so I’ll probably use the same type of gnocchi and sausage next time too, although you can use any kind you want!

Would you change anything next time?
The package of sausage I bought came with 5 sausages in it, but I only used 3. I think next time I’ll use all 5 because the dish was a little saucier than I like…and might as well use the whole package!

Next Week’s Recipe:

This week’s recipe for Roasted Potato and Spinach Fritatta with Feta comes from Good Life Eats. The fun thing about fritattas is that you can really make them to fit your own personal tastes, like an omelet. Good Life Eats has this basic fritatta formula that you can follow to personalize your own fritatta.

What would you put in your own personalized fritatta? Any delicious combinations I should try?

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