Blueberry Picking and Blueberries for Sal

Last week we picked blueberries at our local U-pick farm, and this week we’re reading Blueberries for Sal. Charlotte loved blueberry picking much more than I had anticipated. I think she said something like, “Mom, this is a fantastic idea. How did you think of planning this?” Music to my ears. I think. I plan. And I plan some more. And my daughter appreciates it!

To find a U-pick farm near you, click here. Ours also sold raw honey, so I stocked up on that while we were there too. The farm near us is open mid-May through mid-July, so there’s still time to get some blueberries and make some treats. I made this delicious Blueberry Honey Ice Cream and plan to make some Blueberry Jam too.

We will definitely go again next year. If you’re planning to go, I suggest going earlier in the day before it does get super hot. Wear some sunscreen, bring water, and don’t forget your camera, like I did. Good thing my friends came prepared.

And before (or after) you go, pick up Blueberries for Sal to read. We enjoyed this classic about a girl and her mom who go blueberry picking together. Sal spends the whole time eating the blueberries she picks and then wanders off and ends up following behind Mama Bear while Baby Bear wanders off and ends up following Sal’s mother. Both mamas find their way back to their babies in the end and Sal and her mom head home to can blueberries.

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