Cooking Together…Tostada Pizza

In an attempt to recreate one of my favorites from California Pizza Kitchen, I made this Tostada Pizza, adapted from the Pioneer Woman’s Taco Pizza. Here’s the recipe if you want to print it out and try it:

Thoughts on This Week’s Recipe:

Ease of preparation:
This is a fairly quick and easy recipe. Getting the beans to the right consistency took a little more time than I thought, but you can cut up the lettuce and tomatoes during that time.

Overall opinion:
I thought this was a yummy pizza and a fun variation on traditional pizza. It’s definitely better right out of the oven than heated up later for leftovers though.

Would you make it again?
Yes, I’ll make this one again.

Would you change anything next time?
I think it would be fun to add in some avocado or olives or other tostada-type ingredients.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

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Jam Hands
Jam Hands

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