32 Before 32: Month 2 Update

I have one more month to go! I don’t feel like I made much progress this month, but I’m hoping over my Christmas break I can knock some more of these off the list.

For health and beauty:

1. Start each day with lemon water. I’ve been doing this consistently every day!
2. Give myself an herbal steam facial.
3. Take my CLO Daily. Haven’t been quite so consistent with this one.
4. Make some Echinacea Tincture. Finally bought some dried echinacea, so I’ll be able to start this one soon.
5. Oil Pull or swish with clove/tea tree oil daily. Haven’t been doing this enough!
6. Make my own toothpaste. DONE!
7. Treat myself to a mocha-frappuccino face mask.
8. Cut down on refined sugar.
9. Make this calendula salve.
10. Make my own facial clay mask.
11. Try this Kudzu-Apple Juice as a cold remedy for the kids. Actually tried this one for myself too. Instead of apple juice I used cranberry apple cider and it was great!
12. Make 3-in-1 Healing Balm (from Herbal Nurturing eBook) DONE!

This ricotta is so good!

To eat or drink:

13. Make Water Kefir. DONE!
14. Make some herb-infused honey. DONE! I made lavender infused honey.
15. Make Chai Concentrate. (I’ve been buying a powdered version at Trader Joe’s but want something better for me that I can make myself.) Made this once, but I don’t think it’s strong enough, so I’m going to try another batch soon.
16. Make my own vanilla extract. (Maybe I can even use this for Christmas gifts if I get started soon!) Update: I ordered my vanilla beans here. I have the vanilla started, but it won’t be done for another month or so.
17. Make Four Thieves Vinegar.
18. Plant some garlic. Uh-oh…I think I might be too late on this one!
19. Make some peanut butter.
20. Make this ricotta. DONE! This was so delicious and so easy. I highly recommend it.
21. Bake some bread.
22. Make my own “Larabars” (from the Healthy Snacks to Go eBook.)

For the home:

23. Make this hand soap. (Just add 1-2 T. castille soap in your soap dispenser with water.) DONE! So easy, and works great in foaming hand soap dispensers.
24. Make Beeswax Wood Polish.
25. Make this tub scrub…and then use it. DONE!
26. Make this homemade air freshener. DONE!
27. Replant some succulents.
28. Make herbal fire starters and enjoy lots of cozy fires on cold winter nights. Done! (That’s them in the photo above.)
29. “Spring” clean my mattress.
30. Remember to use my reusable produce bags! I’ve remembered once, so that’s better than nothing!

For fun:

31. Make playdough with the kids. (This was also on my summer fun list and never happened.) DONE! This was really easy and fun and I loved adding in essential oils for a nice scent.
32. Make a doorway puppet theater.

Charlotte playing with the playdough we made.

I think I may have to cheat a little and swap some of these out for some other fun ideas. I have a few in mind. Or, if you have any ideas for me, feel free to share!

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