In Season: Lemons

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The lemon tree in the backyard is becoming heavily laden with fruit and I’ve been finding lemons in my CSA produce box for the last couple of weeks, which means they must be in season (at least here in CA). I love lemons!

If you find yourself with an abundance of lemons, you can freeze the juice and zest for later use. Adding lemon juice and/or zest to veggies when you roast or saute them gives a wonderful flavor punch. Lemon zest is also great in pancakes, muffins, and really all kinds of baked goods.

If you’re looking for some new recipes to try with lemons, here are a few of my favorites:

Lemon Cornmeal Breakfast Cake

I love this breakfast cake and I think it’s so fun that you can make it in a skillet.


I’ve been trying a variety of different lemonades including:

Broccoli and Bow Ties

This recipe for Broccoli and Bow Ties is a favorite in our house. It uses broccoli, which is also in season and the kids think the bow tie pasta is fun.

Coconut Lemon Meltaways

Source: via Krissa on Pinterest

These were a hit in our home. Charlotte considers them a special treat, and I love that they’re so healthy!

Home Remedies:

Photo by boo_licious

Adding honey and lemon to some hot tea when you’re sick is a great way to soothe a sore throat and promote healing. Or for kids, add a squeeze of lemon to a spoonful of honey to prevent coughing.

Also, for a cough or sore throat, try this Homemade Cough and Cold Syrup from Red & Honey. I have to admit, my kids weren’t crazy about it, but I did think it helped a lot and it’s full of lots of healing goodness.

Other Uses for Lemons:

If you’re looking for some other uses for lemons, other than in your cooking and baking, one of my favorites is this lemon, rosemary and vanilla home deodorizer. It is so easy and makes your home smell so good! All you need are lemons, rosemary, and vanilla extract.

Source: via Krissa on Pinterest

Or if you’re planning on planting a garden this year, you could get your seedlings started in a lemon peel:

Source: via Krissa on Pinterest

If you want to know what else is in season, or what’s in season wherever you live, I found this great Seasonal Ingredient Map. You select which State you live in and the month and it provides a list of in-season produce.

Looking for more lemon ideas? Follow Nicole’s Lemon Love Board on Pinterest. Okay…I decided I needed to start a Lemon Love Board too…find it here.

And of course, my love for lemons also includes lemon essential oil. It’s one of the ones I go through the quickest.

What’s your favorite lemon recipe or use for lemons?

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