Project Simplify: Kids’ Stuff

This month I’m joining in with Tsh at Simple Mom for Project Simplify. She’s targeted one “hot spot” each week to focus on organizing/decluttering.

This week was kids’ stuff. I try to limit the amount of toys we have, so I was glad for the chance to go through the kids’ toys and clothes and see if there was anything we could get rid of, and just organize and clean up their spaces a bit.

We didn’t end up getting rid of a ton of stuff. Just a couple of boxes of toys and a couple bags of clothes.

It was perfect timing as the weather is starting to warm up and I wanted to see if we needed clothes for the summertime. I usually just assume the kids will have outgrown their clothes from the year before, but I was surprised to find out that I was wrong. We pretty much are set for the summer and I really don’t need to get the kids much in the way of new clothes. Yay!

Isaac’s Toy Area Before:

Isaac’s Toy Area After:

My Helper:

Charlotte’s Closet Before:

Charlotte’s Closet After:

No huge changes. But it’s nice to clean things up a bit every once in a while and I like teaching Charlotte that it’s okay to pass things on and have her take some ownership for keeping her closet neat and tidy.

Next up: Kitchen/Pantry


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