Today I’m over at Simple Homemade sharing all about the wonders of raw honey. From the post:

One of the things I always keep well stocked in my home is raw honey. Of course I use honey all the time in the kitchen, but I’ve also found many other uses for honey in our home.

That’s why, when the local U-pick blueberry farm opened up this Spring and I remembered enjoying the couple of containers of honey I had picked up the year before (and run out of far too soon,) I decided to stock up. A good price on local, raw honey? I’m in!

The girls at the counter seemed surprised by my request for so much honey and asked me what in the world I used all the honey for, and all I could think was, “Everything! What don’t I use it for?” I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t completely normal to be buying so much honey!

Read more about my love for honey and all the things you can use honey for in my post over at Simple Homemade today.

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