31 days of finding meaning in the mundane {day 3} first things first

This post is part of a series. Find days 1 and 2 here.

So, first things first.

Step 1: Define what is meaningful for you. What holds meaning, significance, purpose,  and value in your life?

Once you have some ideas, it might help to make a mission statement of sorts. And then put it somewhere you’ll see often, to remind you in the midst of the mundane what your purpose is, what really matters to you.

Some helpful resources for writing a mission statement:

I wrote a mission statement a couple years ago and am going to be taking this month to revise and revisit it. Feel free to join me and share your mission statement in the comments if you have one.

Or, if you want to start simple, just make a list of the things in your life that are meaningful and important to you and put it up somewhere you’ll see it daily. My thought is that if in the midst of my daily tasks I can be reminded of what’s meaningful to me, I will be more likely to seek out those things in my everyday life.

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  1. sam and i wrote this. i really want to print it and frame it somewhere in our house so i can be reminded of it. good ideas krissa.

    in this house

    we believe that all of life is a standing invitation to be loved.
    we give grace. we receive grace. and we trust in jesus.

    we believe that every breath can be a prayer.
    we hold hearts with kindness and compassion.

    we do loud really well.

    we listen. we let go.
    we do mistakes and welcome realness.
    we live in color and dream in crazy.

    we believe that pain is a doorway to hope and faith overcomes all fear.
    we say please. we say thank you.

    we love relentlessly.


    • krissajeldy says:

      I love it. You should definitely have it up somewhere in your house. 'We believe that pain is a doorway to hope and faith overcomes all fear." So, so true. Thanks for sharing this. :)

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