31 days of finding meaning in the mundane {day 6} slowing down

Yesterday I shared that counting gifts and learning to live a life of gratitude is my #1 way of finding meaning in the midst of the mundane.

One reason why I practice gratitude, is that counting gifts slows me down. I’m always busy, always multitasking, always have a list of things to do…but I find that when I take a moment and acknowledge one of the many gifts surrounding me and thank God for it, it slows me down.

I have more time. It gives me peace. I stop and focus on the meaningful.

From One Thousand Gifts,

“I only live the full life when I live fully in the moment. And when I’m always looking for the next glimpse of glory, I slow and enter. And time slows. Weigh down this moment in time with attention full, and the whole of time’s river slows, slows, slows.” (p. 68).

This post is part of a series. Be sure to check out a whole lot more of 31 day series here.  Jessica at Life as Mom is sharing 31 days of smelling the roses, and giving lots of practical ideas which I think fit in nicely with finding meaning in the mundane. Be sure to check it out!

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