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We wear our busyness almost like a badge…with a sense of pride when someone asks how we’re doing and we answer with a sigh and say “Good, I’m just sooooo busy,” and then proceed to list off all the things we’re so busy with. And we are busy. There’s no doubt about that. So on those rare Saturday mornings when I stay in bed, caught up in reading a good novel, I almost feel a sense of embarrassment. And if someone were to ask me what I did over the weekend, I would hesitate to admit that I lounged around all morning reading!

But is it really so wrong to carve some time out to care for ourselves?

I think that sometimes self-care invokes a certain hesitation in some when they hear the word…what? Care? For myself? Almost as if that is somehow wrong. And while I definitely feel that we are called to serve one another I also see the benefit in caring for ourselves SO that we can care for others. If I have no energy, no patience, no reserves…how am I going to be as a parent? A wife? A friend? Snapping at my kids, impatient, frustrated, and too burnt out to have anything to offer others.

I’m so excited to be taking some time this spring to be intentional about self-care. To set aside some time, develop some practices, and make some space. To learn how I can take good care of myself so that I in turn can give more to those around me.

And to make it even better…I’m joining up with several other bloggers and hopefully YOU as well!

Announcing Embracing Self Care: A Community Blogging Project

For the next 4 weeks, each Wednesday, I’ll be posting about a different form of self-care and sharing my thoughts, challenges, and how I’m planning on being intentional about embracing that particular form of self-care.  I will be joined by some of my dearest blogging friends:

Stacy from A Delightful Home
Beth from Red and Honey
Erin from The Humbled Homemaker
Nicole from Gidget Goes Home
Mindy from This Crazy Wonderful Life
Leigh Ann from Intentional By Grace
Emily from Live Renewed

These are the topics we’ll be focusing on:

  • Know Thyself (April 2): This is the perfect place to start. Once we understand more about ourselves, (how much quiet time we need, if we operate better with a schedule or with flexibility, what charges us up and fills our reserves) then we have a starting place for knowing how to care for ourselves and avoid burn out.
  • Health & Spirituality (April 9): This one is pretty self explanatory, but super important. Knowing how to take care of our health and spirituality is essential to self-care.
  • Peace in the Home (April 16): This is doing whatever needs to be done to restore peace to our home–decluttering, making a routine/rhythm or daily schedule, etc.
  • Taking Time for R&R (April 23): This includes healthy ways of treating ourselves, and taking time to fully rest and relax. And we can share lots of fun ways to do this!

If you have a blog, we invite you to join us and link up each week. If not, then I hope you will share your thoughts in the comments. Each week’s post will end with a link-up and we would LOVE for you to share your own posts on these topics. Let’s learn from each other and be an encouragement to one another as we take time to develop healthier self-care practices so we can serve our families and others well.

We’ve also started a Pinterest board dedicated to Embracing Self-Care.

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