Using Essential Oils to Impact the Mood in Your Home

Using Essential Oils to Impact the Mood in Your Home |

I love the aromatic powers of essential oils. They can bring relaxation, peace, and calm or they can bring energy and focus. They can brighten your mood and purify the air. I almost always have my diffuser running with some type of essential oil mix depending on what we need.

Using essential oils in my home is one of the ways I set the mood for our home. Whether we need some calming, uplifting, or focus I can find the perfect essential oil for every situation. Plus, I love the way essential oils make my home smell and not only am I able to avoid toxic air fresheners but I am able to fill my home with the therapeutic benefits that essential oils provide as well.

But there are other ways to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils in your home as well.

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4 Methods of Using Essential Oils Aromatically

1. Diffuser

This is my most used method. I have this diffuser and it’s been going strong for me for almost a year now. The blend I use all throughout the winter months is 3 drops on guard essential oil, 3 drops wild orange, and 3 drops frankincense. Smells amazing and keeps our immunity up.

2. Room/Linen Spray

I mix up several different blends of these room sprays for different purposes. Just take a small glass spray bottle (mine are 2 oz.) and fill it almost to the top with distilled water. Add in 10-15 drops of essential oil, shake and spray. I love a blend of lavender and roman chamomile for bedtime. Or try one of these homemade air fresheners.

3. Steam Inhalation

This is a method I usually use in the shower. Once my water is hot and the shower is beginning to steam up, I drop a few drops of essential oil on the shower floor and breathe in. I have some favorite essential oils for the shower that I keep in there and use on a regular basis.

4. Direct Inhalation

This is a super simple method. You can either just remove the top off of your essential oil bottle, hold it up close to your nose and breathe in, or you can add a few drops to a tissue, cup the tissue in your hand and breathe in.

Impact the mood in your home by diffusing essential oils |

Oils for peace and calm:

  • Lavender: relaxing, calming, helps with anxiety
  • Roman chamomile: calming, relaxing, helps eliminate anxiety and irritability
  • Balance (this blend from doTERRA brings feelings of peace, calm, and relaxation)
  • Patchouli: calming and relaxing
  • Sandalwood: calming, balancing
  • Vetiver: stress relieving, promotes restfulness
  • Ylang ylang: calming and relaxing

Oils for stress reduction, depression, to bring  joy:

  • Bergamot: uplifting, helps with depression
  • Geranium: eases stress, promotes peace and joy
  • Grapefruit: relieves anxiety, balancing and uplifting, helps with depression
  • Lemon: invigorating and purifying
  • Wild Orange: helps with depression, calming and uplifting
  • Citrus Bliss (this blend from doTERRA contains wild orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, tangerine, clementine and vanilla bean extract and smells amazing)

Oils to Stimulate memory, promote concentration:

  • Frankincense: helps with focus, improves concentration
  • Peppermint: stimulating, helps with memory
  • InTune (this blend from doTERRA is formulated to help with focus and concentration)

You can also blend essential oils together to find the perfect mix for your needs.

I use and love doTERRA essential oils.

Do you use essential oils to impact the mood in your home? What are your favorite blends?

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