Blueberry Picking and a Blueberry Spritzer Recipe

Blueberry spritzer & Italian soda recipe |

For the last several years we’ve made a trip to the local U-pick farm to go blueberry picking. This year we just barely made it before the farm closed for the year, so pickings were slim! But we had a great time as always.

Not only do the kids love picking the blueberries, but they also love getting to see the chickens and pigs, and getting to sit and play on the tractor. I love coming home with fresh picked blueberries and stocking up on local, raw honey at a good price!

Isaac’s blueberry picking skills could use a little work, but at least this time he didn’t pick any green ones!

blueberry picking

If you have a U-pick farm nearby, I highly recommend hitting it up before blueberry season is over. Before you go, check out Blueberries for Sal to read to the kids. (I had Charlotte read it to Isaac on the way there!)

We love blueberries just on their own, but I also made this delicious blueberry syrup for blueberry spritzers and Italian sodas. It’s the perfect summertime treat, and a healthy alternative to soda. Of course, I think this blueberry syrup would taste great on pancakes or drizzled over vanilla ice cream as well. The possibilities are endless!


Here’s a few more yummy ways to enjoy blueberries:


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